d) New move-ins/Room assignments

After the selection committee has drawn up a list of new students and a waiting list, they are contacted by Christine and sometimes also by the volunteer/student assistent in the office, whether they accept or decline, in which case someone always moves up from further down the list.
One or two weeks later, there is usually a list of those who will actually move in for the next semester, which the Senior counsil then receives, plus the last two pages of applications from the first-year students. In the following meeting, the room assignments are made, both by the first-year students and by those returning from the interruption of rental period.[1] It is important to note that the gender ratio should be approximately balanced (about 3:2 at most) and there is a quota of about 20 to a maximum of 40% international students and of course the rent cap is taken into account in the applications (the Head of the Senior council has this in mind). In individual cases, however, it is of course about having a well-functioning flat life, so it is possible to deviate from the two quotas sometimes, especially with small WGs (i.e. up to 4 rooms) or if there are only a few first-year students at all, so that sometimes ignoring quotas cannot be avoided at all. At the meeting it depends on your negotiating skills, your willingness to compromise andon your stubbornness, but it is always amazing how well the distribution usually works and that many first-semester students are wanted by exactly one WG. This distribution must then be confirmed by the Home Board, but this is usually only a formality.
If a first-year student cancels after this distribution, then a person of the same gender from the respective waiting list (i.e. the domestic or the foreign one) moves up and moves into the room that was reserved for the other person who canceled, which may sometimes be a bit annoying for the WG in question, However, it is difficult enough to find a compromise for the room assignments, so you don't want to do it every time someone cancels. Besides, the first-year students are waiting for (reliable) information about their new room and not for it to change every week. The first-year students usually move in on October 1 or April 1.


[1] The internal moves, on the other hand, have priority, see for this g) Internal moves.