g) Internal moves


If you are not satisfied with your room because it is too small, too expensive or too dark, or if you would like a larger, smaller, more active, quieter flat, where the kitchen perhaps even has a window, you can move internally to another flat or, if you are quite satisfied with your flat but there is still room for improvement, you can move internally in the flat. Christine will post a list of all vacant rooms in the house shortly before the end of each lecture period and will also send it by e-mail with the information until which date you can apply for a room at the Senior Counsil and the Home Board. If you find a room that appeals to you, it is best to contact the inhabitants of the flat beforehand so that you can get to know each other (there is no point in sitting in a beautiful room if you don't get along with your roommates) and you can visit the room so that you don't wonder why the rental contract says something about 21 m² but the room only looks like 15 m². If you then want to move, write a short mail to the Senior Counsil (seniorat@dbh-bonn.de) and the Home Board (heimleitung@dbh-bonn.de), in which you explain in such a sentence, why you want to move into which room; in both committies it is then voted on (which is usually only a formality) and shortly after you then receive the result from Christine and then usually also the request to pay 30 € moving fee.

If two people apply for a room, the decision is often made according to the following principles: Financial reasons are always the most important, because you should live in rooms that you can afford, then flat-external moves have priority over flat-internal moves because with a flat-internal move you only get a nicer room, but the flat-situation remains the same, while with a flat-external move you can improve that as well; then the time of living in the DBH is taken into consideration, where the person who has been living here longer gets the preference, because in case of doubt they has been living in a not so nice room for a longer time, and as a last instance maybe the amount of commitment of the persons in the house and in the ESG is taken into consideration, but this can also be ignored and instead the home management decides by lot who gets the room, but this way also happens very rarely.

The internal moves will then take place on March 31 or September 30, but for the organization of these you will still be contacted by the volunteer or student assistent in the office or garden. During your time in the dormitory you can move once within the dormitory (this also applies to internal moves within the flat), but if you really can't afford a room anymore or if there is a real problem in your flat, you can of course move again. In this case, first contact the Head of the Senior Council or the Home Board in confidence and you will definitely find a solution!