i) Bar rental


You can of course rent the bar in the basement of the main house if you want to have a bigger party,[1] for that, you have to apply for the bar at least one week in advance at the Senior Counsil, you can find the template here. Contact the bar mentorate beforehand so that you can be shown and explained the bar. In the bar application you have to specify an end time (at least for music), which can be pulled forward by the Senior Council, if some of the house do not want to be kept awake all night by the bar, which is then discussed in the Senior Council, after the Seniors were informed before the Senior Council meeting about the bar rental application to consult with their flat, whether it could come to any problems, if you party too loud for too long.[2] If the bar application is then approved, contact the volunteer or the student assistent in the office so that you get the key access for the day of the rental and the one afterwards for the bar. You will also have to pay 40€ rent to the bar office plus 30€ or 100€ deposit, depending on whether you also rent the music system or not.

[1] Alternatively, of course, it is possible to party in your own flat, in which most flatalso celebrates a big flat party at some point in the semester aynway, to which the whole house is then also invited, but depending on how large your flat is, the bar is then better suited.

[2] Therefore, it is always advisable to invite the whole house so that there is peace in this respect, however, this does not solve all problems, because some people who study rather dubious subjects also write exams on Saturdays or do not want to be taken out of their learning rhythm for one day.