Church services in the summer semester 2024


April 7, 6 pm Church service to open the semester

April 27, 6 pm Taizé service

May 5, 11 am Service in the Schlosskirche

May 26, 6 pm Queer service in the Schlosskirche

June 2, 5 pm 1st ESG bicycle service


June 23, 3 pm Prelude to the summer festival - 70 years of ESG!

July 14, 6 pm End of semester service


Devotions in the Botanical Garden


Tuesday June 4/11/18/25, 5 pm


The ESG hall is equipped with a "worship wall", which we use to celebrate the service.

The wall is artistically designed with light boxes that light up from inside during the services. Materials from craftspeople from all over the world have been used in the boxes. They come from the sustainable "Full-Circle" programme of the company "3form".
Some boxes have flaps on which candles can be placed. There is a cross of light in the middle of the wall.