h) Sublease

If you are only in Erasmus or in internship for a few months or just don't want to spend the semester break in Bonn, but don't want to leave the room empty the whole time (and in the first two cases don't want to interrupt the rental period because you still need the room or don't want to move into a new room in a new flat after your return), you can do a sublease: To do this, you first need to find a person (via WG-gesucht, the DBH group or the office, which also sometimes has contacts of people looking) and then go to Christine to tell her that there is a sublease: For this you will need the subtenant's ID copy, cell phone number and email address.[1] and you have to sign a form for Christine, otherwise the office has nothing to do with it and you organize the rest. Regularly you can only sublet once for a maximum of three months, for all further subletting requests you have to submit an application to the Senior Counsil, which decides on the basis of a mood picture of your WG.

[1] If the person has lived in DBH before, it is not necessary.