j) Key system

Most of the rooms of the ESG, such as the hall or the seminar rooms and the common rooms, such as the TV room, the prayer room or the sports room, have electronic locking systems that you can open with the green transponder, while most of the dormitory and room doors can be opened with an analog key.[1] The big advantage of the electronic key system is that you can easily add authorizations and in case you lose your key, you can simply delete the old key and activate a new one. If you lose your key, either come to the office and get a new key or call the on-call service, who will then give you a new key. In terms of additional accesses, you can have the music room given to you by emailing info@esg-bonn.de; the rest of the accesses depend on your offices and mentorates: Bar Mentorate gets access to the bar and bar storage, Breakfast Mentorate and Cooking Mentorate get access to the kitchen and George's office to be able to turn on the electricity, and ESG Speakers get access to the hall, kitchen, George's office, and the office garden entrance. If any access is not working properly or you think you still need some access, contact the volunteer. To update your key, hold it up to the gray box to the right of the office garden door until it glows green. If you are locked out and no one from your flat is there, you can contact the call-on demand service.

[1] If the regional church invests money again at some point, an electronic system will be installed on all the locks, which will make life a little easier for us.