l) Buddy Program

About a month before the move-ins, the First-year-Mentorate hangs a list where you can sign up if you want to be a buddy for a  first-year student. We all remember what it was like for us to move in here, maybe even to be new in Bonn and to start studying, so it can be very nice to help others get started here. What you do with your  first-year students depends on what you want to do: Some of you write to each other once or twice, others have developed deep friendships or even relationships. As a rule, you write to your first-year students before the semester begins, i.e. before they move in,[1] you welcome them to the DBH and give them the opportunity to ask questions or - as the case may be - to come by, so that they can have a look at the DBH and their new flat in advance. After moving in, you can have tea together, cook, go on an excursion or... It all depends on what and how much you want to do, maybe you have a stressful semester right from the start or your first-semester student is directly pulled along by the whirlpool of events you can do as a first-semester in Bonn and then doesn't have so much time. And of course you can get together after a semester to cook or something similar to look back on the last semester, which was of course special for the first-year students, but also had one or two changes in store for you. And even so, you will see each other again and again at events.

[1] You will get the contact details from the First-year-Mentorate.