Online premiere of the ESG Choir Bonn & Cologne

On Saturday, September 5, the online premiere of the ESG Choir Bonn & Cologne with the song "Believer" took place on YouTube, where you can now listen to the recording!  🎼🎶

„If you can walk – you can dance, if you can talk – you can sing.“


We are a colourful young choir that rehearses different programmes with a lot of fun and enthusiasm. We sing arrangements from the field of popular music, sometimes a capella sometimes with a band and in summer even with another choir together.


Remarks: For the winter semester 2020/21 we are looking for tenors and basses


Dates: First sample 26.10.2020 


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hybrid rehearsals will take place in compliance with the Corona Protection Ordinance NRW and the regulations for choral singing. 8-12 singers* sing on site, while the rest of the choir participates online.


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