Rehearsals start on 12.04.21

Online premiere of the ESG Choir Bonn & Cologne


On Saturday, September 5, the online premiere of the ESG Choir Bonn & Cologne with the song "Believer" took place on YouTube, where you can now listen to the recording!  🎼🎶

The choir of the ESG Bonn offers space for people (mostly students) who enjoy singing in the community. We sing mostly arrangements from the field of popular music, sometimes a cappella sometimes with a band, and in the summer semester even always together with a different choir. Projects and concerts are planned and implemented together with our musical director Jannis.
As of the summer semester 2022, seats are available in all voting groups. We are especially looking for reinforcement in the Alt 2, Tenor & Bass. In Soprano 1/2 and Alt 1 there are still seats available!

Deadline SoSe 2022
Taster rehearsals: 04. 04. & 11. 04. (7. 30 p. m. 9 p. m. )
  • Registration by mail to: chor(at)
  • Deadline for the registration: 28.03., 7 p. m.
ESG divine service: 22. 05. 5 p. m.
Sample weekend: 08. -10. 07.
Concerts: 15/16. 07. 7. 30 p. m.

Rehearsals: Monday 7. 30 p. m. 9. 30 p. m.

Place: ESG Hall, Königstr. 88, 53 115 Bonn

Choral direction
Jannis Derrix works as a choir conductor, vocal coach and singer in the field of popular music in and around Cologne. He is currently attending the master’s program “Vocal Leadership” at the Codarts Hogeschool voor de kunsten in Rotterdam, where he conducts research on “Empowerment and Vocal Improvisation.
More information about Jannis' work can be found on his website