This is the ESG Bonn


For our community, “Evangelisch” means that we promote open and tolerant dialogue between confessions and religions, that we celebrate our Christian faith in public worship, and that we recognize our responsibility in society and politics.

We are a meeting place for students.  We desire to provide time and space in everyday university life to discuss current events.  We would like for you to join us.  The ESG offers both counsel and help in difficult life situations or with religious questions.  We are glad for every student who has the desire to become involved.

The ESG offers fellowship, opportunities to meet new people, festivals, films, worship services, excursions, theater, and much more.

We offer a hearty welcome to students from all over the world; people of different faiths; those who have had good, bad, or no experiences with religion, church, or the Christian faith; and people with diverse cultural backgrounds, political convictions, ideological molds, and sexual orientations.

We are happy for every new and familiar face alike!